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For Families

Are you seeking a loving and qualified childcare professional to provide exceptional services for your family?

For Child Careers

Looking for employment opportunities with families who are carefully selected to match your skills and qualifications?


THE KNIGHTSBRIDGE NANNY AGENCY is the premier source for highly qualified and loving childcare professionals in Los Angeles. Whether you are seeking a nanny, governess, or baby nurse, our firm excels in providing the perfect match for our clients. Our nannies are carefully selected to ensure that they have the qualifications necessary to provide exemplary service. Most importantly, the childcare professionals of Knightsbridge Nanny truly love children, and they continually strive to provide unmatched care. We know that children are tiny treasures, and at Knightsbridge Nanny Agency we look forward to helping you find your family's "Modern Day Mary Poppins"!

A Superior Class of Childcare Professionals

As an exclusive boutique nanny agency, Knightsbridge Nanny understands that our Los Angeles clients have high expectations in regards to the care of their children. We appreciate this fact, and each one of the nannies in our agency is acquainted with our exacting standards. In addition, all of our nannies undergo extensive background checks for your protection.

We Work With You To Ensure That Your Child Receives Exceptional Care

Our nannies do not see childcare as just a "job"- they see childcare as an opportunity to become a part of a family, and to work in tandem with parents to provide the love and guidance that children need to grow, learn, and thrive. A true passion for their jobs makes the professionals of the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency the superior choice when you need someone to care for the most precious people in your life.

Choosing a nanny is incredibly difficult- as a mother, it is very important to me to find someone who will give my children the type of care that I myself give them. I was very lucky to find the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the company, and they found my family a wonderful nanny who loves our children, and also completely understands our parenting philosophy
Sarah E.