Knightsbridge Nanny – Testimonials

I found a sitter/nanny service that is pretty great and thought I'd share.  I am a mom of a three year old, super sensitive boy who clings to me whenever a stranger comes near.  I am grateful for his attachment to me and treasure his sweet sensitivity but...having a sitter come to the house has been an issue since birth.  Even his grandparents had to endure intense crying when they would try to give us a night out on their visits.  In the last two years I have found two people my boy responds well to but one moved to NY and the other nanny's full-time leaving her limited availability for sitting.  In walks Natalia and The Knightsbridge Agency. I know Natalia from years ago and knew she had been a nanny for many families. A few weeks ago she called and told me of her agency, Knightsbridge Nanny Agency and wanted to hear all of my thoughts as a mother.  I was happy to share what I could.  The questions and concerns she had about fitting the right person to a family were so good to hear.  She understands that each child (and parent) has a different temperament and each home has a different method of child rearing.  Her agency will meet with and/or talk with each family to get a feel for who would be the best caregiver for them for the long or short term.  She even offers last minute babysitters.  That is where my personal experience came in.  My husband had a work function we found out about last minute and instead of only one of us going, we had Natalia find us a sitter.  We were nervous but having listened to my concerns about my son, Natalia found a woman for us who was great.  Natalia is the type of  person I always hope will be at the door when a sitter arrives, but since I can't clone her, I am glad she is able to help find wonderful people she trusts.  Just thought I'd pass it along in case anyone else has a hard time wading through the online services etc.
Jessica P.