The Knightsbridge Nanny agency is a full-service firm offering every type of childcare that you may need. We specialize in placing highly qualified professionals who are loving, experienced, and provided unmatched childcare.

Nanny Services


Live-In Nanny

Live-in nannies reside in your home, and attend to all child care needs during their scheduled hours. Our live-in nannies have extensive experience in providing excellent care for children, as well as valuable skills that will enrich a child’s development in a number of areas.

Live-Out Nanny

Live-out nannies attend to their charges according to a set schedule. They come to your home in the morning, and leave at their designated hour in the evenings. Like live-in nannies, live-out nannies specialize in developing a child’s skills, while providing ample opportunities to grow and learn.

Temporary Nanny

Our temporary or emergency nannies are available to provide superior childcare when your regular nanny is ill, or unable to work during her usual hours. Like all of our childcare professionals, temporary nannies have undergone an extensive background check.


Bilingual Nanny

Being fluent in more than one language is an incredibly valuable skill, and our bilingual nannies will assist your child in learning how to speak like a native. We represent bilingual and multilingual nannies who speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin. These nannies provide the same services as all of our highly qualified candidates, in addition to assisting a child in acquiring foreign language skills.

Holiday Nanny

When you are looking for a childcare professional to travel with you on vacation, the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency has a number of caregivers to assist you. Our holiday nannies must hold the same qualifications of any nanny that we represent, and will provide you with high quality childcare anywhere in the world.

Special Needs Nanny

At Knightsbridge Nanny, we employ a number of different childcare professionals who have extensive experience in caring for children with special needs. We are confident that we have the perfect nanny to assist your family with your special child.

Male Nannies, aka “Mannies”

If you are seeking a male caregiver for your children, Knightsbridge Nanny has several very qualified candidates available. Our male nannies hold the same qualifications as all of our other nannies, and offer the bonus of being a great male role model for children.

International Nanny

We work with many high-profile families whose occupations require them to live outside the United States. Our international nannies have the experience and expertise to provide exceptional care for American children living overseas.

Additional Services



A governess is a professional in charge of providing educational services in a household. Most governesses are former teachers, and hold the valuable skills needed to tutor or teach a child age appropriate subjects. Your governess may provide home schooling, or supplement the teaching of your children’s school.


If you are looking for short-term child care from time to time, the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency has a number of babysitters on our roster to provide excellent care for your children. Babysitters are usually paid on an hourly basis, and will attend to all aspects of child care.


Baby Nurse

The first few weeks following the birth of a child can be very challenging for a mother. Our maternity nurses are available to support the new mom in taking care of her child, while also providing valuable night time services caring for your newborn so you can have some much needed rest. All of our maternity nurses have extensive experience in caring for newborns.

Postpartum Doulas

The days and weeks after a woman gives birth is physically and emotionally turbulent. Our specially trained postpartum doulas will provide new mothers with essential help and support as they recover from delivery. Postpartum doulas offer a number of services, including: running errands, light organizing and cooking, breastfeeding support, emotional support during recovery, early detection of postpartum depression, referrals for parenting classes and pediatricians. The assistance of a postpartum doula can make a huge difference when a family is adjusting to a wonderful new arrival.