What can you expect from your Nanny

First and foremost, when you hire a childcare professional through the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency, you can count on welcoming an experienced, qualified caregiver into your home. She or he will provide exemplary care for your children, and give them the same type of care and love that you would give them yourself.

In general, nannies are responsible for all aspects of caring for children. This includes enriching your child’s development through directed play, and activities that may include arts and crafts, singing, reading, and any other opportunity that may allow for learning. A nanny will also keep children active and social through play dates, baby classes, and trips to places such as parks, museums, and libraries.

Additional duties of a nanny include attending to the laundering of the children’s clothing, keeping play areas clean and organized, bathing the children and assisting with hygiene tasks, dressing, and preparing and cleaning up after meals. A nanny is not expected to complete heavy housework, family cooking, or attending to household chores that do not relate to the children in her charge.